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[audio]Pita - Live at CBGB's [slapmp3_005] - Pita
What can I say? Noise set from one of the best. Recorded live via Hi-Fi Super 8 minicam built-in microphone for maximum noise... Rare American rock club performance arranged by Austria's Phonotaktik festival. Thanks to Peter Rehberg and Phonotaktik for their permission to post this recording. Available in two flavors: Low quality and Lower quality. We think Pita would prefer you listen to the 64kbps version...
Keywords: Abstract; Loud/noise
Downloads: 1,351
[movies]condomas with flavor - nam_pita
Title condomas with flavor User nam_pita Date uploaded 2007-07-01 11:43 Description tv comercial to condomas with flavor Tags clip, comercial, crazy, fun, girl, mad, short, videos, woman Original URL
Keywords: clip; comercial; crazy; fun; girl; mad; short; videos; woman
Downloads: 11
[movies]washing my pusy... - nam_pita
Title washing my pusy... User nam_pita Date uploaded 2007-06-29 08:55 Description a stupid way to wash you cat Tags amazing, cat, crazy, fun, mad, movies, videos Original URL
Keywords: amazing; cat; crazy; fun; mad; movies; videos
Downloads: 341
[texts]Pita Healthy Menu - Pita Healthy
Menu for pita healthy here in austin texas
Keywords: university of texas austin pita healthy menu
Downloads: 69
[texts]On ideals of a skew lattice - Joao Pita Costa
Ideals are one of the main topics of interest to the study of the order structure of an algebra. Due to their nice properties, ideals have an important role both in lattice theory and semigroup theory. Two natural concepts of ideal can be derived, respectively, from the two concepts of order that arise in the context of skew lattices. The correspondence between the ideals of a skew lattice, derived from the preorder, and the ideals of its respective lattice image is clear...
Downloads: 5
[texts]On the coset structure of a skew lattice - Joao Pita Costa
The class of skew lattices can be seen as an algebraic category. It models an algebraic theory in the category of Sets where the Green's relation D is a congruence describing an adjunction to the category of Lattices. In this paper we will discuss the relevance of this approach, revisit some known decompositions and relate the order structure of a skew lattice with its coset structure that describes the internal coset decomposition of the respective algebra.
Downloads: 13
[audio]Najgorszy Podcast 1# - cascad, pita, boromi
W odcinku 1 omawiamy⦠W sekcji newsowej: Milion sprzedanych Kinectów, Dreamcast Collection i Remake Halo: Combat Evolved. W sekcji nadchodzÄcych gier: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together i Splatterhouse. W sekcji recenzji: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow i Fable 3. W kÄciku kulturalnym: Metro 2034 (Dmitrij GÅuchowski), Misery (Stephen King), AmerykaÅska Gejsza (Lea Jacobson).
Keywords: podcast; gry video
Downloads: 12
[image]Fridge Trax - General Magic

Downloads: 50
[image]32885983 176 K 30453 - Marcia Sofía Camacho Pita
¿Puede la diversión convertirse en algo más que eso?
Keywords: chica; chico; alcohol; amor; pareja
Downloads: 1
[texts]On the coset structure of distributive skew lattices - Joao Pita Costa
In the latest developments in the theory of skew lattices, distributivity has been one of the main topics of study. The largest classes of examples of such algebras are distributive. Unlike what happens in lattices, the properties of cancellation and distributivity are independent for skew lattices. In this paper we will discuss several aspects of distributivity in the absence of commutativity, review the recent results by Kinyon and Leech on these matters and have an insight on the coset struct...
Downloads: 16
[texts]Canalization and control in automata networks: body segmentation in Drosophila melanogaster - Manuel Marques-Pita
We present schema redescription as a methodology to characterize canalization in automata networks used to model biochemical regulation and signalling. In our formulation, canalization becomes synonymous with redundancy present in the logic of automata. This results in straightforward measures to quantify canalization in an automaton (micro-level), which is in turn integrated into a highly scalable framework to characterize the collective dynamics of large-scale automata networks (macro-level)...
Downloads: 10
[texts]On Hirschman and log-Sobolev inequalities in mu-deformed Segal-Bargmann analysis - C. Pita-Ruiz
We consider a deformation of Segal-Bargmann space and its transform. We study L^p properties of this transform and obtain entropy-entropy inequalities (Hirschman) and entropy-energy inequalities (log-Sobolev) that generalize the corresponding known results in the undeformed theory.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Schema Redescription in Cellular Automata: Revisiting Emergence in Complex Systems - Manuel Marques-Pita
We present a method to eliminate redundancy in the transition tables of Boolean automata: schema redescription with two symbols. One symbol is used to capture redundancy of individual input variables, and another to capture permutability in sets of input variables: fully characterizing the canalization present in Boolean functions. Two-symbol schemata explain aspects of the behaviour of automata networks that the characterization of their emergent patterns does not capture...
Downloads: 7
[texts]On Shannon entropies in $μ$-deformed Segal-Bargmann analysis - Claudio Pita-Ruiz
We consider a ${\mu}$-deformation of the Segal-Bargmann transform, which is a unitary map from a ${\mu}$-deformed quantum configuration space onto a ${\mu}$-deformed quantum phase space (the ${\mu}$-deformed Segal-Bargmann space). Both of these Hilbert spaces have canonical orthonormal bases. We obtain explicit formulas for the Shannon entropy of some of the elements of these bases. We also consider two reverse log-Sobolev inequalities in the ${\mu}$-deformed Segal-Bargmann space, which have bee...
Downloads: 6
[texts]On Bivariate s-Fibopolynomials - Claudio de Jesús Pita Ruiz Velasco
In this article we study a generalization of Fibonomials, replacing the Fibonacci sequences by bivariate s-Fibonacci polynomial sequences. We call the obtained objects "Bivariate s-Fibopolynomials".
Downloads: 20
[texts]Breve compendio e narraçam do funebre espectaculo, que na insigne cidade da Bahia, cabeça da America Portugueza, se vio na morte de El Rey D. Pedro II. : de gloriosa memoria, S.N. Offerecido a' magestade do serenissimo Senhor Dom Joam V. Rey de Portugal. - Rocha Pita, Sebastião da, 1660-1738
[28], 92 p. ;20 cm. (4to) Signatures: a b A-E F
Keywords: Pedro II, King of Portugal, 1648-1706; Sermons; Imprint 1709
Downloads: 192
[texts]Heat to electricity thermoacoustic-magnetohydrodynamic conversion - A. A. Castrejon-Pita
In this work, a new concept for the conversion of heat into electricity is presented. The conversion is based on the combined effects of a thermoacoustic prime mover coupled with a magnetohydrodynamic generator, using different working fluids in each process. The results of preliminary experiments are also presented.
Downloads: 6
[texts]The impressive complexity in the Nautilus pompilius shell - A. A. Castrejon Pita
The complexity of the Nautilus pompilius shell is analyzed in terms of its fractal dimension and its equiangular spiral form. Our findings assert that the shell is fractal from its birth and that its growth is dictated by a self-similar criterion (we obtain the fractal dimension of the shell as a function of time). The variables that have been used for the analysis show an exponential dependence on the number of chambers/age of the cephalopod, a property inherited from its form.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Nasca Lines: A Mystery wrapped in an Enigma - J. R. Castrejon Pita
We analyze the geometrical structure of the astonishing Nasca geoglyphs in terms of their fractal dimension with the idea of dating these manifestations of human cultural engagements in relation to one another. Our findings suggest that the first delineated images consist of straight, parallel lines and that having sophisticated their abilities, Nasca artist moved on to the design of more complex structures.
Downloads: 7
[texts]The Fractal Dimension of an Oil Spray - R. Castrejon Garcia
We study the fractal dimension of the contour of the liquid-gas interface in a spray. Our images include both, the linking region and the break-up region and are obtained with a high-resolution shadowgraph technique; this means that the images can then be subject to an intensity filtering, equivalent to a threshold analysis, that enables the establishment of the fractal range.
Downloads: 11
[texts]Experimental Observation of Differences in the Dynamic Response of Newtonian and Viscoelastic Fluids - J. R. Castrejon-Pita
In this paper we present an experimental study of the dynamic responses of a Newtonian fluid and a Maxwellian fluid under an oscillating pressure gradient. We use laser Doppler anemometry in order to determine the velocity of each fluid inside a cylindrical tube. In the case of the Newtonian fluid, the dissipative nature is observed and the response obeys the Zhou and Sheng universality (PRB 39, 12027 (1989))...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Accardi complementarity for -1/2 < mu < 0 and related results - Lenin A. Echavarria Cepeda
We show (an earlier conjecture of the last two authors) that the momentum and position operators of mu-deformed quantum mechanics for -1/2 < mu < 0 are not Accardi complementary. We also prove some related formulas that were conjectured by the same authors.
Downloads: 14
[texts]Fractal dimension and self-similarity in Asparagus plumosus - J. R. Castrejon-Pita
We measure the fractal dimension of an African plant that is widely cultivated as ornamental, the Asparagus plumosus. This plant presents self-similarity, remarkable in at least two different scalings. In the following, we present the results obtained by analyzing this plant via the box counting method for three different scalings. We show in a quantitatively way that this species is a fractal.
Downloads: 7
[texts]Cross-species analysis of gene expression in non-model mammals: reproducibility of hybridization on high density oligonucleotide microarrays. (Volume 8) - Nieto-Diaz, Manuel
This article is from BMC Genomics, volume 8.AbstractBackground: Gene expression profiles of non-model mammals may provide valuable data for biomedical and evolutionary studies. However, due to lack of sequence information of other species, DNA microarrays are currently restricted to humans and a few model species. This limitation may be overcome by using arrays developed for a given species to analyse gene expression in a related one, an approach known as "cross-species analysis"...
[texts]Till Death Do Us Part: Stable Sponge-Bacteria Associations under Thermal and Food Shortage Stresses. (Volume 8) - Pita, Lucia
This article is from PLoS ONE, volume 8.AbstractSporadic mass mortality events of Mediterranean sponges following periods of anomalously high temperatures or longer than usual stratification of the seawater column (i.e. low food availability) suggest that these animals are sensitive to environmental stresses. The Mediterranean sponges Ircinia fasciculata and I. oros harbor distinct, species-specific bacterial communities that are highly stable over time and space but little is known about how an...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Measurements of the bulk and interfacial velocity profiles in oscillating Newtonian and Maxwellian fluids - M. Torralba
We present the dynamic velocity profiles of a Newtonian fluid (glycerol) and a viscoelastic Maxwell fluid (CPyCl/NaSal in water) driven by an oscillating pressure gradient in a vertical cylindrical pipe. The frequency range explored has been chosen to include the first three resonance peaks of the dynamic permeability of the viscoelastic fluid / pipe system. Three different optical measurement techniques have been employed...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonists (PPARs): a promising prospect in the treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis*. (Volume 88) - Lima, Emerson de Andrade
This article is from Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia, volume 88.AbstractPsoriasis is a polygenic, inflammatory and progressive disease, characterized by an abnormal differentiation and hyperproliferation of keratinocytes, associated with impaired immunologic activation and systemic disorders, while psoriatic arthritis is a chronic inflammatory articular disease. Pathophysiology of psoriasis comprises a dysfunction of the immune system cells with an interactive network between cells and cytokin...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Groups of units of integral group rings commensurable with direct products of free-by-free groups - Eric Jespers
We classify the finite groups $G$ such that the group of units of the integral group ring ${\mathbb Z} G$ has a subgroup of finite index which is a direct product of free-by-free groups.
Downloads: 3
[texts]A new analysis strategy for detection of faint gamma-ray sources with Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes - Yvonne Becherini
A new background rejection strategy for gamma-ray astrophysics with stereoscopic Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes (IACT), based on Monte Carlo (MC) simulations and real background data from the H.E.S.S. [High Energy Stereoscopic System, see [1].] experiment, is described. The analysis is based on a multivariate combination of both previously-known and newly-derived discriminant variables using the physical shower properties, as well as its multiple images, for a total of eight variables...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Advanced analysis and event reconstruction for the CTA Observatory - Y. Becherini
The planned Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is a future observatory for very-high-energy (VHE) gamma-ray astronomy composed of one site per hemisphere. It aims at 10 times better sensitivity, a better angular resolution and wider energy coverage than current installations such as H.E.S.S., MAGIC and VERITAS. In order to achieve this level of performance, both the design of the telescopes and the analysis algorithms are being studied and optimized within the CTA Monte-Carlo working group...
Downloads: 15
[texts]Analysis of biophysical and anthropogenic variables and their relation to the regional spatial variation of aboveground biomass illustrated for North and East Kalimantan, Borneo. (Volume 9) - Van der Laan, Carina
This article is from Carbon Balance and Management, volume 9.AbstractBackground: Land use and land cover change occurring in tropical forest landscapes contributes substantially to carbon emissions. Better insights into the spatial variation of aboveground biomass is therefore needed. By means of multiple statistical tests, including geographically weighted regression, we analysed the effects of eight variables on the regional spatial variation of aboveground biomass...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Natural infection of Didelphis aurita (Mammalia: Marsupialia) with Leishmania infantum in Brazil. (Volume 5) - Carreira, Joao Carlos Araujo
This article is from Parasites & Vectors, volume 5.AbstractBackground: The opossum Didelphis have been considered as natural hosts of Leishmania parasites in the New World, suggesting an important role in the epidemiology of Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL). Among six extant species that belong to the genus Didelphis, only two (D. marsupialis and D. albiventris), have been mentioned as natural hosts of Leishmania infantum in Brazil and Colombia...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Cancer incidence in kidney transplant recipients: a study protocol. (Volume 9) - Pita-Fernandez, Salvador
This article is from BMC Cancer, volume 9.AbstractBackground: Different publications show an increased incidence of neoplasms in renal transplant patients. The objective of this study is to determine the incidence of cancer in the recipients of renal transplants performed in the A Coruña Hospital (Spain) during the period 1981–2007. Methods/Design: During the study period 1967 kidney transplants were performed, corresponding to 1710 patients...
[texts]Focal therapy in prostate cancer: the current situation. (Volume 8) - Jacome-Pita, FX
This article is from ecancermedicalscience, volume 8.AbstractProstate cancer is one of the most significant pathologies in the field of urology. The adoption of screening strategies and improvements in biopsies have resulted in an increase in early-stage tumour detection.Radical global therapies provide very good oncological results in localised prostate cancer. However, excess treatment in low- and, in some cases, intermediate-risk groups affects the quality of life of these patients.In the cas...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Utility of brief questionnaires of health-related quality of life (Airways Questionnaire 20 and Clinical COPD Questionnaire) to predict exacerbations in patients with asthma and COPD. (Volume 11) - Blanco-Aparicio, Marina
This article is from Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, volume 11.AbstractBackground: There is some evidence that quality of life measured by long disease-specific questionnaires may predict exacerbations in asthma and COPD, however brief quality of life tools, such as the Airways Questionnaire 20 (AQ20) or the Clinical COPD Questionnaire (CCQ), have not yet been evaluated as predictors of hospital exacerbations...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Sensorized Garments and Textrode-Enabled Measurement Instrumentation for Ambulatory Assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System Response in the ATREC Project. (Volume 13) - Seoane, Fernando
This article is from Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), volume 13.AbstractAdvances in textile materials, technology and miniaturization of electronics for measurement instrumentation has boosted the development of wearable measurement systems. In several projects sensorized garments and non-invasive instrumentation have been integrated to assess on emotional, cognitive responses as well as physical arousal and status of mental stress through the study of the autonomous nervous system...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Orofacial Apraxia in Motor Neuron Disease. (Volume 5) - Lobo, Patricia Pita
This article is from Case Reports in Neurology, volume 5.AbstractIntroduction: Cognitive and behavioral impairments are considered to occur frequently in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/motor neuron disease (MND). Rarely, apraxia has been reported in MND. Orofacial, or buccofacial, apraxia is characterized by a loss of voluntary control of facial, lingual, pharyngeal and masticatory muscles in the presence of preserved reflexive and automatic functions of the same muscles...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Annealing temperature and environment effects on ZnO nanocrystals embedded in SiO2: a photoluminescence and TEM study. (Volume 8) - Pita, Kantisara
This article is from Nanoscale Research Letters, volume 8.AbstractWe report on efficient ZnO nanocrystal (ZnO-NC) emission in the near-UV region. We show that luminescence from ZnO nanocrystals embedded in a SiO2 matrix can vary significantly as a function of the annealing temperature from 450°C to 700°C. We manage to correlate the emission of the ZnO nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 thin films with transmission electron microscopy images in order to optimize the fabrication process...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Historia da America portugueza, desde o anno de mil e quinhentos do seu descobrimento, até o de mil e setecentos e vinte e quatro. : Offerecida á magestade augusta del rey D. Joaõ V. nosso senhor, - Rocha Pita, Sebastião da, 1660-1738
[26], 716 p. ;31 cm. (fol. in 4s) "Written by a Brazilian, this is the first history of Brazil to be printed." (Moraes)
Keywords: CPJCB; Imprint 1730
Downloads: 514
[texts]Historia da America portugueza : desde o anno de mil e quinhentos do seu descobrimento até o de mil e setecentos e vinte e quatro : offerecida a magestade Augusta Del-Rei d. Jo~ao V, nosso senhor - Rocha Pita, Sebastião da, 1660-1738
ROBARTS copy 2: Imperfect: map of Brazil wanting
Keywords: Catholic Church
Downloads: 613
[texts]Historia da America portugueza desde o anno de mil e quinhentos do seu descobrimento até o de mil e setecentos e vinte e quatro - Rocha Pita, Sebastião da, 1660-1738
XXVIII, 404 p., [8] leaves of plates :ill., map ;27 cm "It should be noted that this edition states that it is the second whereas it is in fact the third. Lisbon was indoubedly unware that Baron Homen de Melo had published another edition in Bahia two years previously." (Moraes)
Keywords: Rocha Pita, Sebastião da, 1660-1738; Catholic Church; CPJCB; Imprint 1880
Downloads: 505
[texts]Novel designs for Penning ion traps - Authors J. R. Castrejon-Pita
We present a number of alternative designs for Penning ion traps suitable for quantum information processing (QIP) applications with atomic ions. The first trap design is a simple array of long straight wires which allows easy optical access. A prototype of this trap has been built to trap Ca+ and a simple electronic detection scheme has been employed to demonstrate the operation of the trap. Another trap design consists of a conducting plate with a hole in it situated above a continuous conduct...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Plans for laser spectroscopy of trapped cold hydrogen-like HCI - D. F. A. Winters
Laser spectroscopy studies are being prepared to measure the 1s ground state hyperfine splitting in trapped cold highly charged ions. The purpose of such experiments is to test quantum electrodynamics in the strong electric field regime. These experiments form part of the HITRAP project at GSI. A brief review of the planned experiments is presented.
Downloads: 8
[texts]Sand fly fauna (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) in an area of leishmaniasis transmission in the municipality of Rio Branco, state of Acre, Brazil. (Volume 7) - Araujo-Pereira, Thais
This article is from Parasites & Vectors, volume 7.AbstractBackground: Notifications concerning American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis have increased in recent years in the state of Acre, Brazil. Despite identification of distinct Leishmania species isolated from cutaneous lesions, there are still no records of visceral leishmaniasis in the state. However, studies on the sand fly fauna in this region are still limited...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Respiratory physiotherapy and incidence of pulmonary complications in off-pump coronary artery bypass graft surgery: an observational follow-up study. (Volume 9) - Yanez-Brage, Isabel
This article is from BMC Pulmonary Medicine, volume 9.AbstractBackground: Heart surgery is associated with an occurrence of pulmonary complications. The aim of this study was to determine whether pre-surgery respiratory physiotherapy reduces the incidence of post-surgery pulmonary complications. Methods: Observational study of 263 patients submitted to off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery at the A Coruña University Hospital (Spain)...
[texts]Septins localize to microtubules during nutritional limitation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. (Volume 9) - Pablo-Hernando, M Evangelina
This article is from BMC Cell Biology, volume 9.AbstractBackground: In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, nutrient limitation stimulates diploid cells to undergo DNA replication and meiosis, followed by the formation of four haploid spores. Septins are a family of proteins that assemble a ring structure at the mother-daughter neck during vegetative growth, where they control cytokinesis. In sporulating cells, the septin ring disassembles and septins relocalize to the prospore membrane...
[texts]Wearable Biomedical Measurement Systems for Assessment of Mental Stress of Combatants in Real Time. (Volume 14) - Seoane, Fernando
This article is from Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), volume 14.AbstractThe Spanish Ministry of Defense, through its Future Combatant program, has sought to develop technology aids with the aim of extending combatants' operational capabilities. Within this framework the ATREC project funded by the “Coincidente” program aims at analyzing diverse biometrics to assess by real time monitoring the stress levels of combatants...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Effect of ageing on CMV-specific CD8 T cells from CMV seropositive healthy donors. (Volume 6) - Pita-Lopez, Maria Luisa
This article is from Immunity & Ageing : I & A, volume 6.AbstractBackground: Ageing is associated with changes in the immune system with substantial alterations in T-lymphocyte subsets. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is one of the factors that affect functionality of T cells and the differentiation and large expansions of CMV pp65-specific T cells have been associated with impaired responses to other immune challenges...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Primary melanoma of the adrenal gland: a case report and review of the literature. (Volume 5) - Gonzalez-Saez, Luis
This article is from Journal of Medical Case Reports, volume 5.AbstractBackground: Primary melanoma of the adrenal gland is exceptionally rare as demonstrated by the few cases reported in the medical literature, and it has a high fatality rate. We present the case of a patient with two relapses and survival to date. Case report: We describe the case of a 58-year-old Caucasian woman who consulted her doctor with symptoms of asthenia, anorexia and weight loss...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Drug assessment by a Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee: from drug selection criteria to use in clinical practice. (Volume 10) - Lozano-Blazquez, Ana
This article is from Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, volume 10.AbstractBackground: In Spain, hospital medicines are assessed and selected by local Pharmacy and Therapeutics committees (PTCs). Of all the drugs assessed, cancer drugs are particularly important because of their budgetary impact and the sometimes arguable added value with respect to existing alternatives. This study analyzed the PTC drug selection process and the main objective was to evaluate the degree of compliance of ...
Downloads: 4
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